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Hi, I am Daniel Moth Smiley

This screencast assumes no knowledge of C++ AMP and introduces the core API from scratch. You'll see parallel_for_each, extent, index, restrict(amp), array_view, and accelerator. I will explain these concepts through a "hello world" code example in a step-by-step manner.

To learn more please visit the C++ AMP blog, and we encourage C++ AMP questions in the Parallel Computing in C++ and Native Code MSDN forum.



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The Discussion

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    Seems like the start of a good series... I look forward to the higher level classes, there seems to be a wealth of introductory information at this point, but things peak out at matrix multiplication and tiling. It would be nice to see more "real-world" examples. Perhaps a walkthrough of porting one of the sample projects like the n-body one from the serial cpu code to c++ amp and skipping the directcompute step in between?

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    Very nice. Been looking forward to learning AMP, but never find the time. Now I'll definitely have a look.

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    Daniel Moth

    @banjomatic: Thanks for the feedback. On the screencasts front, our current plan is to get you started with the base API concepts and a straightforward/minimal example. So we have this intro video, and a similar 4-part introduction (part 1, part2, part3, part 4). Building on that intro to the core API, there is an intro to the tiled model (more API coverage). Looks like you read my mind Smiley , and next I will be publishing a matrix multiplication walkthrough screencast, and I have a couple others in the plans. Stay tuned here on the channel9 C++ AMP feed.

    Our feeling is that once you have watched all those, you should be perfectly comfortable to download and explore the more involved samples on your own (without a video/screencast accompaniment) – please pick your favorite from the C++ AMP samples list. BTW, every sample has a dedicated blog post describing it, so if you have questions around understanding a specific sample, please leave a comment on the specific blog post for the sample, or ask in the C++ AMP support forum. Thanks for watching!

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    Daniel Moth

    @Pavone: Cool, that is the purpose of these screecnasts: to kick start your learning. When you are ready, please follow the links above for more in depth information and I look forward to what you'll build.

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    Wish like hell I could type c++ as fast as Daniel LOL!

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    Daniel Moth

    @John: Me too! Big Smile

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