Managed Preview Handler Framework for Vista and Outlook

Play Managed Preview Handler Framework for Vista and Outlook
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Author: Hi, I am Daniel Moth Smiley

Introduction: Preview handlers is a new technology in Windows Vista and in Outlook 2007. You can read about the managed preview handler framework on my blog here

Video download: Click on the image to play the video (from a streaming file). If you'd prefer to download the wmv packaged in a zip file, you may do so here

Video Contents:
00'00'' – 00'30'' Title slide
00'30'' – 01'30'' Roundup of explorer enhancements in Vista
01'30'' – 04'00'' Preview Pane in Vista’s explorer
04'00'' – 05'20'' Preview Pane in Outlook 2007
05'20'' – 12'20'' MSDN Preview Handlers by Stephen Toub
12'20'' – 18'00'' Inside the Managed Preview Handler framework (12:57-13:25 corrupt)
18'00'' – 27'00'' Writing your own hello world Managed Preview Handler
27'00'' – 29’30’’ Registering a new extension with an existing preview handler
20'30'' – 30'22'' Summary slide and links



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