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    I can't get excited about this because OpenCL (Industry Stanard) and CUDA (best performance) are leaders in this space. Can you show the benefits of using C++AMP compared the others (beside the language) like performance, efficiency, less code boilerplate and so forth?

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    Daniel Moth

    Hi Sam, sounds like you are new to C++ AMP - welcome!

    CUDA, OpenCL, and C++ AMP all have comparable performance, so your opening statement is not quite true, sorry. The advantage of the latter two is that the they support executing on hardware from multiple vendors. The further advantage of C++ AMP is that it is a more productive environment to code in.

    Please watch the other videos in this series (e.g. start with this and that) and if you still have questions we welcome them in the forum, as per the link above. If you are familiar with the other approaches we also have learning guides for OpenCL and for CUDA to get you started.

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