Office Task Panes and Actions Pane in VS2008

Play Office Task Panes and Actions Pane in VS2008

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    Syed Raza

    This video is not viewable in full / available for download!

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    Daniel Moth

    Hi Syed

    Please accept my apologies for this.

    The Microsoft download servers are experiencing some difficulties which are under investigation Sad. I have reported this issue and expect it to be resolved tomorrow. Ping me directly if it isn't.



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    This .wmv has no sound upon download and play; I've tried re-downloading several time to verify. I am also unable to play directly from this page/post and have only successfully accessed it via this link:

    All things Daniel Moth...

    This bug also applies to these excellent screencasts!

    Office Ribbon Customisation in Visual Studio 2008 
    File Dialog Additions in v2.0 SP1
    LINQ to DataSet
    Office Task Panes and Actions Pane in VS2008  

    Only this one has downloaded intact, in my experience:

    Outlook Form Regions in Visual Studio 2008

    Very good work, I'm hooked to your blog now.

    Thank you, D. Moth.
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    Daniel Moth
    Thanks JohnAskew.

    Please allow me to clarify. For all my videos video there are 2 links per each:

    1. One is a streaming video (mms) that is also embedded on the page.

    2. The other is a link to a ZIP that contains a wmv. This link appears in the text that I write on the side (under the Introduction section).

    There is an issue with the streaming servers which results in intermittent success. In other words, sometimes the link works and sometimes it doesn't Sad. The support team in Redmond are aware of that, but have not provided an ETA for a solution. Apologies and please bear with us.

    The ZIP download however is fine. I have just verified this for all the videos you pointed to. If you are experiencing difficulty with any of the ZIP downloads please email me directly and I will look into it.

    Thanks again for reporting this and stay tuned Cool

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    First of all, thank you for your videos - they have been very beneficial to me.


    Would it be possible to use an action pane to insert a data bound Content Control onto a document?  What I have in mind is a list of buttons on the Action pane (e.g. Name, Address, Phone, etc.)  When the button is clicked it would insert a data bound content control that ties back to a customXML file.  Using this model, my users could create whatever document thay like and insert values wherever they like and I can populate those documents using XML files.  Example:


    Dear <<FirstNameContentControlHere>>,


    Thanks again!!!


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    Daniel Moth

    Hi Chip


    Thanks. Sorry, I don't have the answer to your question, but posting at the VSTO forums will take you further:




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