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Author: Hi, I am Daniel Moth Smiley

Introduction: There is much confusion about what .NET Framework 3.5 is and how it relates to v3.0 and v2.0. In this video I try to explain that and also show you the entire list of the new assemblies with a sentence or two on what each one contains and where they reside. On the way, I share how I personally explore new assemblies in case it is useful to anyone. My relevant blog posts to look at are here and here.

Video download: Click on the image to play the video (from a streaming file). If you'd prefer to download the wmv packaged in a zip file, you may do so here.



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The Discussion

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    Can you make us be able to download this precious video?

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    Daniel Moth

    Apologies that the link is not more obvious. Can you see the section that reads Download in bold? At the end of that sentence there is a hyperlink word: "here". Click on it and you will get the ZIP file that has the wmv in it Wink

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