Use WPF from Windows Forms projects in Visual Studio 2008

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Author: Hi, I am Daniel Moth Smiley

Introduction: Windows Forms developers do not need to throw away their code and start from scratch in Windows Presentation Foundation, simply to get a stunning UI for a particular use case of their application. In this 17' video I demonstrate how to get started with interop between WPF and WinForms applications. For more please visit my blog post here.

Video download: Click on the image to play the video (from a streaming file). If you'd prefer to download the wmv packaged in a zip file, you may do so here.



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The Discussion

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    It was only because I am particularly interested in this area that i put up with the appalling reliability of the streaming server on fullscreen mode, it would not last more than 2 minutes without losing the connection!
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    Oh c**p... I've just noticed the zip file option...
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    Daniel Moth
    Hi jh71283, I apologise for your bad experience with the streaming servers and I am glad you found the ZIP option... Thanks for persisting.
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    Steve Naughton
    Well done, nicely paced.  Question: why did you disable the Visual Studio Hosting Process?
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    Daniel Moth
    Thanks Steve. The reason was that the pre-release version of VS2008 that I was using had a showstopper bug when I mixed wpf interop with the hosting process. It should be fixed now of course.
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    Cool screencast, thx!
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    Daniel Moth

    kriz, thanks for watching.




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    First THIS WAS great and addressed almost everything I needed.


    I have an issue and dont know how to address it and it was not addressed in the video.

    I hope you or someone can help.

    I placed a UserControl onto my WinForm some of the Xaml is below. If you notice in my user control

    there is a PlusButton_Click how do I attach that to the main form?

    Or how to alter the Winform to be able to handle a click event on the controls? How do I forward this? Its a custom control.




        <Slider Name="slider1" Width="21" Orientation="Vertical" TickFrequency="1" Maximum="5" TickPlacement="None" IsSnapToTickEnabled="True" Value="0" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="1,23,0,17" />
        <Button x:Name="PlusButton" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="25"

          Content="+" Height="37" Style="{StaticResource NewUpButton}" Background="#FF1C96FF"

           FontWeight="Black" FontFamily="Arial" FontSize="16"

          Click="PlusButton_Click" />


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    Daniel Moth

    Hi ChicagoBob


    Glad the video was useful. May I suggest that you use the free online forums for WPF questions please:


    Good luck!




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    Hey ChicoBob


    I don't know if you got it figured out yet, but here's my suggestion:


    In the XAML code behind:



     Public Event RemindClick As EventHandler Public Event DismissClick As EventHandler Private Sub dismiss_button_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs) Handles dismiss_button.Click RaiseEvent DismissClick(Me, e) End Sub Private Sub remind_button_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs) Handles remind_button.Click RaiseEvent RemindClick(Me, e) End Sub 


    Here you're creating 2 event handlers and then raising them on the click event.


    In the code behind on the Windows Form:


     Dim WithEvents WpfControl As WpfControlLibrary.WpfControl= Nothing ' In the form OnLoad event WpfControl = New WpfControlLibrary.WpfControl ElementHost1.Child = WpfControl Private Sub OkClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles WpfControl.RemindClick ' Some code here End Sub Private Sub CancelClick() Handles WpfControl.DismissClick ' Some code here End Sub 


    Hope that helps...

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