Windows Mobile Managed APIs - Part 1

Play Windows Mobile Managed APIs - Part 1

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    This is a very useful screencast.  I think the screencast format is super helpful for learning things.

    Two points/questions about what you showed:

    1) the link you listed to the examples ( doesn't seem to be working.  Perhaps there is another one?

    2) I was really hoping to see the CameraCaptureDialog in action because I had a little trouble using and wasn't sure if I was doing it correctly.  I implemented it in an app on my iPAQ 69xx.  When the camera window opens, it has an odd shape -- tall and skinny and records video in that shape.  I tried changing all the resolution and other options, but it didn't change.  Any thoughts?


    HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA

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    Daniel Moth
    Hi Alex

    Glad you like the screencast format. I agree, it is super for learning new things Smiley

    Not sure what is going wrong with your attempts to use the Camera dialog. May I suggest you post to the relevant msdn forums and/or newsgroup for help? Please post there the exact code you tried, what version of the NETCF/VS you are using and what effects you are observing. Someone will help you there (if not, let me know).

    Regarding the links, they all seem to work for me but it is my fault for not posting them here in the first place; they are pretty long to copy of a screen so apologies for that and thanks for bringing it to my attention! Let me know if they still don't work for you:

    WM 5.0 SDK

    Complete example using WM5 managed APIs

    WM 5.0 (old) article

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    Daniel Moth
    Hi Sunil

    Yes you can cradle the emulator on Windows Vista. You need to doanload Device Emulator v2.0 (also comes with WM6 SDK) or DE v3 which comes with VS "Orcas".

    Links to all of the above from my blog or search the web...

    Have fun!


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