Windows Mobile Managed APIs - Part 2

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Author: Hi, I am Daniel Moth Smiley

Introduction: You can read about Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs on my blog here. All Windows Mobile devices being sold today are v5.0 and the next version of Windows Mobile fully supports these as well so now is the right time to learn about them if you haven’t already!

Video download: Click on the image to play the video (from a streaming file). If you'd prefer to download the wmv packaged in a zip file, you may do so here.

3-part series: There are 3 videos that make up this series. Parts One, Two and Three.

Video Contents:

00'00'' – 01'00'' Title slide and intro

01'00'' – 02'40'' WM5 Managed APIs Overview slide

02'40'' – 20'48'' DEMO Status

20'48'' – 22'38'' Summary slide and links



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The Discussion

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    Very cool Big Smile, i'm going to buy qtek HTC TyTN that's include Windows Mobile 5, i can't with to develop app in WM5, xD
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    Daniel Moth
    Glad you liked them!

    It is a breeze writing mobile application with these APIs combined with other cool stuff in the .NET Compact Framework Big Smile
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    I love the screencasts. I've been doing mobile development for years and always had used the OpenNetCF and didn't fully realize that these existed. OpenNetCF does provide ways to do all this but it can get really confusing and cumbersome.

    btw as a side note, what do you use for recording these?
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    Daniel Moth
    Hi DarthObiwan

    SDF from OpenNETCF does not include these (I used to work there before joining MS Wink) but yes it is a really useful asset for mobile devs.

    There are many options for recording these, I currently use Camtasia. HTH.


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