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In diesem Screencast wird gezeigt wie die Klasse Task Rückgabewerte an die Ablauflogik zurückliefern kann. . Der Screencast basiert auf der Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 und demzufolge kann sich die API ändern.

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The Discussion

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    Нихрена не понял, но прикольно!!!

    Actually I can understand German. Author shows us the way we can use new Threading extensions and Result property in particual in some syntetic sample. Do you really gonna draw a graph of relation (sync-ing) for more than 1 different compenting threads types? Do it actually works for you? I mean there is a better way to spen our time anyway Wink If guys from Microsoft even forgot this field it is trivial to implement it manually. Anyway, good news that they didn't forget all great Result property.

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    Suppose it is a naive implementation of sequential access pattern. I'm even thiniking should or shoudnt I create the analogue sample for the my library at http://plugins.codeplex.com? Because I already have working sequential pattern (in conjunction of lasy evaluation pattern) in use of logging mechanism, when a lot of logging operations each of them is not VERY time consuming, can resonably slow down OVERALL application preformance. See my SequentialWorkItem<T> implementation in Plugins.Threading library.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Of course my sample is simple and synthetic. But I don't really get your point about the possible usage of future results. Would be great if you could explain this in more depth.

    Regarding the overhead: Each parallel implementation (it doesn't matter which one, even if you are doing it yourself) comes with the cost of overhead. So, is the overhead worth to parallize and you still benefit then do it. If not, just don't.

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