Network Monitor Automation/Scripting using PowerShell

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Will Gregg, Senior Development Consultant, provided an overview of automating the Network Monitor (Netmon) utility using PowerShell at the 2009 Active Directory Windows Protocols Plugfest. In this presentation Will provides an overview of the PowerShell product and then progresses into using PowerShell to automate Netmon to perform a network capture. 



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The Discussion

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    hi there.

    from the title  i supposed that it contain mutch more about powershell and NetMon.

    Unfortunatly there is only arround 7 minutes about NetMon  Sad


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    Is there a way to get a printed [online] transcript?

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    If you are interested in Netmon, please review the Netmon specific presentations provided for this event as well as subsequent events also searchable via the Netmon tag.

    For readability, a printed transcript is not available.  However, high resolution recordings are included:   Hover over Downloads, click on WMV(High).


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