Troubleshooting Active Directory Issues with Windows

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Richard Guthrie, Escalation Engineer, presented a session covering debugging tools that can be used for troubleshooting Windows at the 2009 Active Directory Windows Protocols Plugfest.   Richard answered windows debugging questions as well.   Debugging with Windbg including assembly call stack analysis examples were provided.   Tracing calls with Windows ETW and IDNA tracing were demonstrated.  Provided a demonstration of a few resource kit tools commonly used for Windows debugging as well as some sysinternals tools (process monitor & filemon). 



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    Can you please upload hi-res version of this video?
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    Hover over Downloads, click on WMV(High).
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    Jocuri de Gatit

    Veramente bello!!!!!

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    sandara's world

    Active Directory functionality depends on the proper configuration of the DNS infrastructure. This includes the following:

    DNS client configuration, including domain controllers, domain members, and other computers.

    DNS server and zone configuration and proper delegations in parent DNS zones.

    Presence of DNS domain controller locator records.

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