Conversations with David Chappell about Windows Azure and Cloud Computing

Play Conversations with David Chappell about Windows Azure and Cloud Computing

The Discussion

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    Got the point but could have been a lot more consice with the explanation.

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    Yeh.  Just need a pipe and a smoking jacket.

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    Some of the comments towards the end were the sort of thing that gives Microsoft (usually unfairly) a bad name. I think the conclusion was that if you are an admin then you can look forward to being out of work in the mid to distant future unless you become a devie or manager, and if you don't like change then get out of IT etc etc.

    How about some information on how admins can GET INVOLVED in the cloud revolution rather than this sort of bleak outlook!!!


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    David Gristwood

    I think that Windows Azure gives IT Pros, admins, etc, the opportunity to get involved with more interesting and higher value activities, such as capacity planning and forecasting, health monitoring, QA, etc, rather than the lower level stuff  that is needed just to keep systems up and going

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