F# and Windows Azure with Don Syme (#3 of 4)

Play F# and Windows Azure with Don Syme (#3 of 4)
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David Gristwood grabs his camera, and heads down to the Microsoft Research Centre in Cambridge with Dave Brown, an architect at the Microsoft Technology Centre, to talk to Don Syme, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, about F# in part 3 of this video series. Don, who created F#, demonstrates the language with live coding examples in F# Interactive, focussing on Windows Azure.


       Microsoft F# Developer Center, http://www.fsharp.net

       Don Syme’s blog, https://blogs.msdn.com/b/dsyme/



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The Discussion

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    Art Scott

    F# Async to the max ...

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    F# is definitely worth learning for many reasons but especially so for cloud computing.

    I am  using F# Agents (mailbox processors) and Async processing in Azure worker roles. The code ends up being much shorter, cleaner and more understandable.

    F# may appear difficult at first but stick with it and I can assure you that your effort will pay off handsomely.

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