VS2008 Training Kit: What's new in Visual Basic 9.0?

Play VS2008 Training Kit: What's new in Visual Basic 9.0?

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    nice video as usual Amanda.It seems that Amanda had lots of spots for Linq rather than the rest of the vb 2008 new features. We hope to see Amanda talking about integration between WPF and Visual Basic. Astonishing Video again and hope to see you more on Channel 9 Big Smile
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    Ms. Silver talks about how popular VB.NET is - like for hobbyists, non-professional, new programmers and those coming over from VBA - argh! on a day when I was feeling no one but me wrote in VB.NET.  Did the VB.NET Team Program Manager dis the language?.....that's harsh.


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    Hi MonkeyMon,

    I think what Amanda is saying is that there is a very wide variety of people using Visual Basic, not only professional developers like us Wink

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