What Do You Want to Know About Cortana? Ask the Guy Who Led the Cortana API Team, Rob Chambers

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    I would like to see a rough platform roadmap if that is OK?


    YEAR 1:

    Windows Phone -> US -> EMEA -> Rest of the World

    Windows 8.1 Integration

    XBOX One Integration

    YEAR 2:

    Cortana as a service in Azure?

    Third Party Platforms? (IOS/Android?)

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    @Ian2 - I agree.  I want to see Cortana pushed to Windows 8.x (or 9) and then onto Xbox One.  It would also be cool if the team created a UserVoice page for Cortana so folks could request and vote on features. 

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    I asked here (reddit) but just to be sure:

    One of my apps name is "Quotastic". I register it as CommandPrefix and it works perfectly on 8.0 but when this runs on 8.1 (using Cortana or not) the speech system always try to translate it to "real" words. So I say "quotastic", and the result is something like "old * kicked", "good to see", "go to seek", "old * chick" "odessa texas"(?!), "comcast". I ended up changing the CommandPrefix to "Quote" and it works, but is not ideal. So, whats up? Why 8.1 is not picking up my commandPrefix and giving priority to it when trying to find out what the user said?

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    As NUI evolves, the top store apps will hopefully be upset by surprises rather than existing top apps doing better with Cortana. NUI+AI will take UX to unforeseen level. Thnx. :)

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    It would be nice if everything was morphed into the Share contract and have that  interface made available/uniform between the Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store 8 platforms.

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    mahamudul haque

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    Cortana has irritated me for too long. How do I get it to quit popping out, taking up screen space and hanging up my keyboard while I'm trying to work? I do not use Cortana for anything except an occasional search to find something that I want to change, re: the way I use my software and a Lenovo "Yoga-710" 2-in-1 laptop. I am sick of somehow accidentally causing Cortana to popup and very tired of the increasingly annoying need to stop my workflow to do 1 or more clicks somewhere to deactivate the popup. Please help. Thanks ~ Michael

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