How Windows, Windows Store, Xbox & Surface moved their 350gig source repo into Git hosted on VSTS

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    Shafiq Jetha

    Hey Donovan. Here's your reminder to add a link to the book on Amazon. :)

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    @Shafiq Jetha: Thanks so much. Here is the book that taught me not to hate Git! :) Ry's Git Tutorial

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    Great interview, found my self nodding along to the 5 stages as a former TFVC user myself :)

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    Is it possible to share the 3 minute video as to "Why git" that you guys mentioned?  thanks for considering it.

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    Fantastic interview, fascinating to learn about the organisational challenges as well as the technical ones! You hit the nail on the head with the "5 stages of Git", definitely went through these myself when I first made the jump from the centralised mentality to Git three years ago. I also echo the sentiment about the 3 minute "Why Git" video put forward by @wp7dev007 above; would it be possible for that to be made publicly available?

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