Interview with Aaron Bjork (Release Notes)

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In this interview, Principal DevOps Manager Donovan Brown interviews Principal Group Program Manager Aaron Bjork about how the release notes for VSTS are generated for each release.

[00:50] Set the stage
[01:15] Release Notes Page
[02:14] How are they created
[02:40] DoD
[03:12] Not everything requires release notes
[03:53] Feature Flags!
[04:40] Release notes in action
[05:04] Delivery Plans
[06:19] When do we set the flag?
[06:52] When should you write the release notes?
[08:45] How do you find all the release notes?
[09:35] Sprint mails
[11:20] The query of items needing release notes
[12:10] Bringing it all together with Markdown
[13:42] Pull requests
[15:45] Keys to making it work






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