Interview with Abel Wang and Steven St. Jean (Source Control)

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    Great stuff, guys!

    I'd love to see easy reports that measure the maturity of a customer's practices here. It's really hard for a team to get better without more insight into what's going on and what metrics to work toward. Maybe things like:

    # of commits between merges

    time between merges

    how can we measure pending changes that just sit out there for days / weeks and then get rushed into a branch with massive changes and little testing?

    branch depth

    # of active branches

    commit size

    story points (or hours) associated with a commit (another indication of size / impact)

    I'm sure there are better ideas for reports, but it never surprises me to see teams languish in bad practices when they have no insight into what to work toward and what their current practices are costing them.

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    @jfattic: Hey Jeff!  That is great feedback. I will see how we can act on it.

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    Ian Ceicys

    Awesome to see the team back together. You guys rock! Keep up the great stuff.

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