Segoe: A Font Story - An Inside Look at the Typeface Behind Microsoft

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Visual Studio 2015Jerry Nixon welcomes Si Daniels for this entertaining discussion surrounding the history of the Segoe font, Microsoft’s official typeface. Listen in as they discuss how Segoe came to be, best practices for using it in your applications as well as how you can use a Segoe-like font when writing cross-platform apps.

  • [1:56] How did it all get started?
  • [12:48] Why are there so many different variations of Segoe?
  • [15:11] How do developers & designers choose which version of Segoe is best to use for their app?
  • [16:25] Bonus Trivia Question! How did Segoe get its name and how is it pronounced?
  • [21:14] Who has the "rights" to Segoe?
  • [22:33] For developers who are writing cross platform apps, is there a compatible font for Segoe in Open Source?
  • [24:35] DEMO: Base construction of Segoe

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    That was a really interesting interview! I've been a fan of Segoe since its unveiling in Vista.

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