Windows 10: Toast Notifications and the Action Center

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Notifications are one of the primary ways you interact with your customers on Windows devices. In Windows 10, developers can now send and manage much more customized content inside a notification whether its via the phone or desktop. Tune in as Jerry Nixon welcomes Lei Xu to the show as they discuss what's new with toasts, notifications and the action center in Windows 10 and how it affects you the developer and the customer experience.

  • [3:35] Let's starts with toasts --- how has this changed in Windows 10?
  • [11:30] There were tons of templates available for tiles and toasts in Window 8.1 --- let’s discuss the new one flexible template for toasts in Windows 10.  
  • [14:55] What's the story behind interactive toasts and the ability to introduce form elements?
  • [20:51] Can I use XAML to dress up a Toast notification?
  • [27:59] Can I add an image inside a Toast notification?
  • [30:09] The Action Center in Windows 10 now has a full set of APIs I can interact with. Tell us about the developer experience here.
  • [33:26] Can you create an expiration on a notification?

For more information on toast notifications and the action center in Windows 10, click here

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