Microsoft Patterns & Practices: Proven Practices for Predictable Results

Play Microsoft Patterns & Practices: Proven Practices for Predictable Results


Visual Studio 2015Jerry Nixon welcomes Christopher Bennage from the Patterns & Practices team to discuss some of the proven practices and tools that are available to developers so that they can be successful on the Microsoft platform.

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The Discussion

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    Junking Unity: Boo
    Burying docs on github and not publishing them properly on MSDN: boo
    Yet another place to check to comment: boo.

    Why don't you just admit it honestly: this new (Azure) regime is making everyone else second-class citizens
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    @MattYetAnotherUserName:Handing over Unity was a difficult (and emotional) decision. Many people have been unhappy about it. I know that my sentiments may seem disingenuous, but I am very positive about the new owners.

    Regarding GitHub, it won't replace MSDN for us as a publishing channel. Instead, it serves the same role that CodePlex did for us. It's an area where we will be activiely working on content in the public and a point of community collaboration. We intend to publish content on (instead of MSDN), but that isn't in place yet.

    Regarding the multiple places to comment: yes, this is a problem. It's not a new problem though. We've had too many many disparate channels for years. I'm very sensitive to this, but I don't have an answer yet. Today, we are trying to direct everyone to GitHub but I know that's not ideal.


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