Microsoft's Open Source Journey into Big Data - Integrating Apache Hadoop with Azure HDInsight

Play Microsoft's Open Source Journey into Big Data - Integrating Apache Hadoop with Azure HDInsight


AzureButtonBig data is a huge industry trend right now.  Data of large volume, velocity (processing in near real-time), and variety (mashing up data from different sources, like weather data plus team records plus who won last time in emotional matchups to predict who will win a football game) can be considered big data.  With the rise of the internet of things and many things sending state to be analyzed, big data is crucial. 

Microsoft faced a strategic decision: big data is happening, now what do we do about it? 

Tune in as Jennifer Marsman welcomes Matt Winkler, Group Product Manager of the Azure HDInsight solution as they discuss Microsoft’s journey into Open Source and how his team has embraced Open Source and Apache Hadoop.

  • [1:50] How would you define Big Data and how is Microsoft playing in this space?
  • [5:45] How did Microsoft come to the decision to choose an Open Source player like Apache Hadoop?
  • [8:07] What did Microsoft's journey look like when they first started integrating Hadoop into its ecosystem?

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