Windows 10: Things to Consider when Designing Your Universal Windows App

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    Interesting to hear about the thought processes going into the design of these apps.


    Given how unfit for purpose the Mail app is, it would be interesting to hear from someone on that team for a bit of contrast. I'm curious about the logic behind the decision to assume that a person's MSA email address is hosted on outlook, mine isn't but the app created an undeletable outlook account for me anyway. I'm also slightly perplexed by the team's decision that having created a non-existent account that I can't delete, that best thing to do is have the app constantly badger me about the account being misconfigured.

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    Firstly; English is not my primary language, so please bare with me.

    Thank you guys so much for this video!

    I'm just a small hobby dev, who makes apps for myself and also sharing them in the store. It was very exiting to hear about the hurdles and considerations the MSN teams has been through. All of with I share with them, on my own level.

    I actually laughed out loud, when Jerry spoke about how we copied the Office UI in the past, and now we try to match the built in apps. I remember copying the looks of Office 95 and onwards, to make my desktop programs look their best.

    This time for my two universal apps, that is exactly what I have been though. This time matching the design of the MSN apps. The UI in the MSN apps is fantastic and I have learned a lot of Windows 10 UI stuff from these apps.

    Like a lot of people, I had strong opinions of the burger button. I still do, but now in a different way.

    Keep making these videos. They are a huge inspiration!

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    This gave a great perspective into the thought process of Universal Apps, and the kind of extensions that could be made possible. Thank you..!

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