Startup Stories: An Interview with Will Mallouk, CEO of Pixel Squad

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Generic Episode ImageDavid Giard welcomes Will Mallouk, CEO of Pixel Squad to the show as they discuss how his company got started in the gaming industry. Tune in as he describes for us their move away from AWS to Azure as well as what hurdles they had to overcome as an indie game shop on their quest to launch their first game – Crime Coast.

  • [0:37] Tell us about Pixel Squad. What do you do?
  • [2:07] Tell us about your game "Crime Coast" How was it being featured in both the Windows and Apple App store at the same time?
  • [5:05] The game looks great! How did you make it?
  • [6:16] What was the motivation for moving from Amazon Web Services to Azure?
  • [8:05] Tell us a little bit about how your app communicates with Azure. How do you use Azure?
  • [15:32] What were some of the technical hurdles you had to overcome on the day your game launched?
  • [17:16] What's next for Pixel Squad and Crime Coast?

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