(Part 4) Quick Dev: How to use Xamarin to Build iOS, Android and Windows mobile applications

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In Part 4 of our special series on Xamarin, James Quick walks us through the authentication process when working with the Azure Mobile Apps service while using Xamarin forms.

  • [0:52] Project overview
  • [1:09] DEMO: Authentication and Azure Mobile Apps

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The Discussion

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    Great video for me starting out.  Thanks.

    Did you bounce the call through the Easy API just because or could you have just issued it directly from the device?  I always thought the less hops the better.

    {edit} After watching all the way to the end, I see that you are centralizing the Twitter API call in one place, and that makes sense in some cases (like if Twitter changes their API), but I'd still like to know if you could have made the call directly from the device.

    {edit-edit} Never mind, I see that the functionality is coming from the


    function, which we didn't write and will clearly work against multiple IDP's.  Senior moment.  Sorry.


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