Edge of the Web: Automated Testing in ASP.NET Core 1.0

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    This was a great starting point for ASP.NET Core 1.0 testing. Thanks Shahed.

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    @Mike:Glad you found it useful!

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    Hi Shahed, great session, very useful and informative. I know unit testing topic but dependency and injection is new to me. Can you suggest good videos or sessions, around injection similar to yours to be absorbed and understood?


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    Okay 👌
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    @eliassal1: I would suggest checking out the official documentation for now.


    I may put together a future video on DI in ASP.NET Core.


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    Greetings @shahedC !


    First, I would like to thank you for your guidance. But I've met a bump on the road with automated testing in VSTS.

    I have integrated XUnit 2 tests inside an ASP Core RC1 class library for an ASP MVC 6 Web App on top of dnx clr update 2. And thanks to this video it works perfectly on my laptop!

    Sadly I have tremendous difficulties to integrate thoses tests inside a VSTS Build Definition. Do you know of how I could proceed ? The XUnit documentation didn't helped me much. Do you plan to write about it yourself ? 

    Feel free to respond here or email me at anourissier(at)infinitesquare(dot)com .

    Thanks for the hardwork !



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    Hi Shahed,
    Found your video really helpful and i have embedded it one one of my blogs. Please find it at http://bit.ly/1NsexAE.
    Thank you for such a great session.

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    Great presentation but I haven't been able to replicate your solution so that I can learn it in depth especially now that aspnet core RC2 is the official build path. It would be very nice to have a completed solution using RC2 if you can find the time to do that.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Yes, RC2 is different, including Moq library.

    These are good starting points; however, I would like to see some examples of how to test more advanced topics like authentication handlers and policies.

    Do you know of any resources for these types of scenarios?

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