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    Not to be a wildly crochety grumpy old man here (even though I am) ... but does every single show on Channel9 have to start with a blisteringly loud riff of cheap power chords at full volume?

    It's near enough to ten times the speaking volume of the presenters in the show itself.

    Think about the User Experience of people watching tech videos. I'd imagine a massive proportion are "headphones-in" & "at-work". Ramp up the volume to the level that the presenters will be talking at.

    Do we really need cheap Nickelback-inspired rock guitar riffs to get us hyped up for a video about bash on windows 10?

    Sigh. Grumpy old man achievement unlocked.

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    Damn right and while you are at can you pull it from all the video on ms virtual academy - so annoying.

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    Doctor Who

    Enjoyed this episode. Got a question about the Project Murphy and its integration with Skype. I went ahead and looked up Project Murphy, added it to my contacts in Skype and started chatting. One of the suggestions it gave was to ask it, "What if I were president?" So I went ahead and entered that. And then Murphy asked me to upload a picture of myself. I wasn't exactly sure how to do that, but I found it. Then I discovered my problem.

    My Skype allows only 2 options, either I can add an emoticon or I can send the text message. That's it. There's no uploading a file, sharing a file, etc. Not sure why I don't have that button in the chat window/text box, but I don't. My version of Skype is

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    @Doctor Who: I have Skype version  I see 3 options: a paper clip button to attach something, an emoticon button, and the send button.  I click the paper clip button (which expands into several options) and then click another camera button to send an image. 

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