Startup Stories: An Interview with the Founders of Vipeline

Play Startup Stories: An Interview with the Founders of Vipeline


Join David Giard as he welcomes the Co-Founders of Vipeline – Alex Hamilton, Chris Hall and Dave Barker -  to the show to discuss their innovate startup which gives your online users a voice, with more than just text comments.  Tune in as they discuss their experience with the Microsoft BizSpark program as well as share with us how they use a variety of Azure technologies to deliver a native, user generated, social video experience on a company’s website.

  • [0:43] Tell us about Vipeline. What do you do?
  • [3:12] What is your solution built on? Tell us about the tech you use and how you use Azure.
  • [8:14] How did you get started? Where did this idea originate from?
  • [15:22] How did you get introduced to the Microsoft BizSpark program?
  • [17:10] What were some of the biggest hurdles you had to cross?
  • [21:00] Where can we find out more about your company?


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