Startup Stories: An Interview with the team from Tribe

Play Startup Stories: An Interview with the team from Tribe


A cloud-based SaaS platform that people can interact with by email, an iOS device or the web, Tribe is a cross-platform task manager application that works across desktops, mobile devices, and directly inside your email. Tribe makes collaboration easy by allowing people to share deliverables across a wide range of interfaces with a dashboard-like project management tool which synchronizes interfaces allowing for simple and fast problem solving.

Join David Giard as he welcomes the team from Tribe – Henry Vasquez, Sam Harris and Oliver Stahl – to the show as they discuss their startup beginnings, challenges and early success stories all while leveraging Microsoft’s BizSpark program. Tribe_LearnMore

  • [0:37] What does Tribe do?
  • [7:02] What's your experience with TechStars?
  • [8:02] How has Microsoft helped you and your company?
  • [10:35] Tell us about the tech you're using to power Tribe?
  • [13:10] What's next for Tribe?
  • [16:30] David, here's a question for you :)   What have you seen is the most valuable assistance given to startups?


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