Behind the Scenes: Microsoft, Liquid Daffodil & fanband

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Fanband lets you customize the theme of your Microsoft Band with your favorite sports team, video game, tv show, and more and is the Top Downloaded and Rated app for the the Microsoft Band for Windows, iOS and Android users. GitHub_LearnMore

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Scott Peterson, Founder and Lead Developer of Liquid Daffodil and Sr. Tech Evangelist from Microsoft, Paul DeCarlo to the show as they discuss the inner workings of how fanband became a cross-platform application with the help of Xamarin Tools as well as how the team utilized the HockeyApp SDK to build crash and custom analytics reporting.

  • [1:18] What is Liquid Daffodil?
  • [4:09] So let's talk about fanband. What does it do and how does this work?
  • [6:57] What was the challenge you were trying to solve?
  • [8:40] So how did you get started creating a cross-platform app?
  • [17:32] One of the biggest challenges for app developers is communicating with their users. How do you tackle this problem?
  • [27:55] With the information that comes out of HockeyApp --- who does it help more? The end-user or the developer?

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