Behind the Scenes: Predicting the Early Onset of Brain Disease with BTT IoT Machine Learning

Play Behind the Scenes: Predicting the Early Onset of Brain Disease with BTT IoT Machine Learning


Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp (BTT Corp) is a med-tech company with offices in the US and Brazil. They have a biological discovery patent on the Brain Thermal Tunnel  and are developing several solutions around this to help improve your health through continuous monitoring of your brain temperature. 

BTT treats brain temperature like a multichannel signal and uses this to perform analysis and pattern recognition to further insights into customers’ health on a personalized basis.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Robert Ortega, CTO of BTT Corp, and the team from Microsoft – David Crook and Yun Chou -  as they discuss how by working together they developed an Azure IoT solution to help with brain thermal tunnel pattern recognition.

  • [1:50] Tell us a little bit about the project?
  • [3:30] What kind of device are you using to capture this information from the brain?
  • [5:20] How does Azure Machine Learning play into this?
  • [6:29] While you were working on the data models, did anything jump out at you as surprising?
  • [9:50] What is your hope for the future with this data model? Is it living up to your expectations now?
  • [15:50] How long did this project take?
  • [18:37] If someone wanted to get started with their own version of this project, where should they go?


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