Behind the Scenes: Microsoft, Costa Farms and the Fully Automated Farm

Play Behind the Scenes: Microsoft, Costa Farms and the Fully Automated Farm


It’s time consuming, costly, and difficult for farmers to measure and regulate pH levels in their plants throughout the day and across the lifecycle of a plant. Indeed, pH levels are one of the key factors in plant health. GitHub_LearnMore

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team from Costa Farms and Microsoft as they describe how they developed an Azure IoT Hub solution with pH sensor devices that incorporates Stream Analytics, Twilio and SQL Azure, where the end result will help Costa Farms increase revenue and profitability by using modern technology in agriculture & farming.

  • [1:31] What does Costa Farms do?
  • [3:40] What problem were we trying to solve here with this project?
  • [5:31] What kind of solution did you develop?
  • [9:01] How did you handle the amount of data that was being collected from the plants?
  • [11:20] How was the collaboration experience between Costa Farms and Microsoft?
  • [13:18] From a Business Intelligence perspective, how do you envision using this influx of data?
  • [14:15] How does this data get relayed back to the plant growers?
  • [16:15] Why didn't you use a Rasberry Pi for this project?
  • [17:40] How long did it take to complete and what tools did you use to handle the management of the project?
  • [25:47] What's next for Costa Farms?

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