Behind the Scenes: How Arena uses Azure App Services & GitHub to Streamline & Automate their Deployment Process

Play Behind the Scenes: How Arena uses Azure App Services & GitHub to Streamline & Automate their Deployment Process


Arena is a digital media and entertainment startup based in Los Angeles. The Arena platform allows fans to interact with one another during live events. Working with sports like UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Arena gives fans a place to connect that’s not as cluttered as Twitter or Facebook, and that focuses just on the live event.

GitHub_LearnMoreArena boasts some impressive audience numbers, saying they have more than 700,000 monthly active users and had over 100,000 uniques for a single UFC event. The startup is building widgets to allow websites and blogs to host Arena chats directly on their sites. And Arena hopes to be at 10 million monthly active users in the next 12 months.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Arena’s CTO, Rodrigo Reis and Sr. Technical Evangelist from Microsoft, Martin Schray to the show as they discuss how Microsoft and Arena worked together to help streamline and accelerate Arena’s deployment process – from staging to production - using Azure App Service and GitHub.

  • [2:44] What does Arena do?
  • [4:40] Can you describe the project that Microsoft and Arena worked on together to solve?
  • [6:56] How did the migration from AWS to Azure work out?
  • [12:08] How would you rate the entire process?
  • [14:54] How automated is the new process and how will this impact Arena?
  • [17:30] How did being a TechStars graduate impact Arena?
  • [19:19] What's next for Arena?

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    That's amazing. I am wondering how come you can move to azure (especially web apps) without changing single line of code?

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