Behind the Scenes: How Homitat Built an Automated Process for Sending Messages to Office 365 Groups

Play Behind the Scenes: How Homitat Built an Automated Process for Sending Messages to Office 365 Groups


One of the toughest and most time-consuming tasks for home buyers is researching whether the location of a prospective home will fit their needs. They need to consider factors such as schools, public transit, safety, GitHub_LearnMoreshopping, traffic, and more for every listing they are interested in, whether it comes from an agent or online search. Comparing these factors across multiple listings makes it even more complex.

Homitat can help solve this tough problem with its intuitive iOS and Android apps. In just a few minutes, users can set their preferences and then score and compare prospective homes on how they match up to their lifestyles. It takes away the guesswork and saves time.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Raj Konduru, Managing Partner from Homitat and Sr. Technical Evangelist from Microsoft, Mostafa Elzoghbi to the show as they discuss how Microsoft and Homitat teamed up to help automate the process of sending messages to Office 365 groups for its subscribed users.

  • [2:10] What does Homitat do?
  • [4:30] Can you describe the project that Homitat and Microsoft worked on together?
  • [6:11] How does Outlook fit into the solution?
  • [9:11] What's the user experience you hoped customers would have?
  • [17:17] How does Azure App services work into this?
  • [26:00] What's next for Homitat?

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