Behind the Scenes: How Microsoft and RockStep Built an IoT solution for Research Labs

Play Behind the Scenes: How Microsoft and RockStep Built an IoT solution for Research Labs


RockStep Solutions creates world-class scientific data management tools for research. Its innovative software system – Climb - is designed to transform and modernize information management in a laboratory setting. GitHub_LearnMore

As research facilities have thousands of units to house animals, and these units need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure the conditions are within compliance, Microsoft joined RockStep to develop a multi-tenant IoT solution that helps reduce operating and maintenance costs for their clinical trial customers.  By reducing the number of visits to each unit they can cut maintenance and operating costs and improve the overall health of animals.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team from RockStep – Abigail Ames and Keith Sheppard – as well as James Sturtevant and Nick Landry from Microsoft as they describe how the implemented this solution – from concept to deployment – in a matter of a few days.

  • [3:38] Tell us a little bit about RockStep
  • [6:13] What can you tell us about the project RockStep and Microsoft worked on together?
  • [9:55] What was the initial vision for this project?
  • [11:30] How did you manage the volume of data coming through these devices?
  • [12:35] Why might a regular server crumble under a huge volume of IoT data? How does Azure IoT Hub compare?
  • [17:40] What did you do with Stream Analytics and why was this beneficial?
  • [19:50] So now that you have this in place, what are you able to do with this data?
  • [22:50] How scalable is a solution like this? How fast can a proof of concept go to being implemented in a large scale organization?
  • [35:10] What's next for RockStep?

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