Behind the Scenes: How Shelfie Built a Xamarin.Forms mobile app that connects charities with donors

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Shelfie and Microsoft teamed up in a hackfest to build a mobile social media platform to create fundraising photo and video campaigns for nonprofits. Its aim is to build communities around a cause, enhancing awareness, engagement and retention while increasing donations and contributions to the campaigns.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team from Shelfie,  Brendan Barbato and Nathan Geyer, as well as the team from Microsoft, Gavin Bauman and Adina Shanholtz,  to the show as they discuss how they implemented Xamarin.Forms and Azure Mobile Services to deliver a cross-platform app for iOS, Android and Windows users that talks to a Ruby on Rails back end migrated from AWS to Microsoft Azure.

  • [8:04] What does Shelfie do and what problem are you trying to solve?
  • [11:54] How did you get started?
  • [14:05] What was your first impression of Xamarin?
  • [15:00] What was the experience like moving from AWS to Azure Mobile Services? Any roadblocks?
  • [17:48] Tell us about working with Xamarin Forms – how was it?
  • [24:42] Where are things headed for Shelfie? What's next for you?

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