Behind the Scenes: How Chefs for Seniors uses Xamarin, HockeyApp & Azure App Service to Power its Daily Operations

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Chefs For Seniors provides GitHub_LearnMorepersonalized in-home meal preparation for senior citizens on a weekly basis that aligns with dietary restrictions. The service includes grocery shopping, help with meal selection, in-home cooking, and companionship during meal prep.

Currently, the chefs at Chefs For Seniors handle their planning and operations by carrying large binders with them to their clients’ homes and to the grocery store to ensure they are purchasing the right ingredients and are fully prepared to cook all of their upcoming meals. Chefs For Seniors needed to build an app as they scale in order to make operations more manageable.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team from Nathan Allman from Chef for Seniors as well as the team from Microsoft – Lauren Tran and Ian Philpot – as they discuss how they created a cross-platform app using Xamarin, HockeyApp and Azure App Service to improve daily operations at the company.

  • [6:00] Tell us a little bit about Chef for Seniors. What do you do?
  • [10:52] Does the Chef wear the hat when they visit?
  • [11:36] How did this project get started? What were you guys trying to build?
  • [15:36] How complicated did the architecture look for this? How does this work?
  • [18:40] What was your impression of the overall solution?
  • [20:18] We used Prism for this particular Xamarin.forms application, what were the benefits here?
  • [22:19] You also introduced HockeyApp into the project, right? Why?
  • [29:10] What's next for Chefs for Seniors?

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