Behind the Scenes: How Illinois Tech used Azure Functions to Create an Attendance-Taking App

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The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), also known as Illinois Tech, is a private, technology-focused, research university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, science, architecture, business, design, human sciences, applied technology, and law.GitHub_LearnMore

Microsoft recently teamed up with Illinois Tech’s Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO) to create an easy-to-update client application and a serverless computing back-end to greatly speed IPRO course attendance taking.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Jeremy Alexis, Director of the Idea Shop at Illinois Tech, and Sr. Technical Evangelist, Martin Schray to the show as they discuss how they built this application using Azure Functions and WPF.

  • [3:24] What is the Idea Shop at Illinois Tech?
  • [7:14] Describe the project for us, what did you guys work on together?
  • [10:42] What solution did you come up with?
  • [13:43] How does this work? What's the technology behind this?
  • [15:53] Why WPF over UWP for this project?
  • [18:02] Why Azure Functions and not just a web service? What was the benefit here?
  • [23:41] How long did this project take to complete? Did it meet your expectations?
  • [32:30] What does Version 2 look like? Did I hear Facial Recognition correctly?

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