Azure IP Advantage: How to Reduce Risk, Innovate with Confidence, and Operate with Freedom in the cloud

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The Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program provides comprehensive protection against intellectual property (IP) risks with uncapped indemnification and access to a portfolio of thousands of Microsoft patents. With Azure IP Advantage, developers can focus on writing code without worrying about companies that sue developers, and customers can grow their business with confidence.

AzureIPAdvantage_LearnMore2Join David Giard as he welcomes CVP Erich Andersen and Director of Marketing for Azure Tanuj Bansal to the show as they give us an overview of the program as well as how developers and organization can benefit from it.

  • [1:18] How is Azure doing these days?
  • [3:03] What are some of the challenges people are facing today with their move to the cloud?
  • [8:10] Are you providing legal assistance to customers? What is the Azure IP Advantage Program?
  • [11:45] How's the customer response been so far?
  • [16:14] How does this service compare to other cloud providers?
  • [19:09] Where do people go to learn more about this program?

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