Behind the Scenes: How CGI Federal uses DevOps to improve the efficiency and quality of its ProperPay offering

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Since 1976, US defense, civilian, and intelligence agencies have partnered with CGI Federal to support their mission-essential needs at every stage of the program, product, and business lifecycle. These partnerships fuel CGI’s deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing its clients and inform the development of solutions to help them improve outcomes and maximize results.GitHub_LearnMore

CGI Federal wanted to investigate DevOps practices to improve the way it develops solutions. First, it wanted the team to fully understand the current development lifecycle, and then work with Microsoft on some areas of improvement.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team from CGI Federal – Brandon McBride and David Layman – as well as Kevin Remde and Brent Stineman from Microsoft as they discuss how they worked together to find ways to help streamline CGI’s software lifecycle by applying a DevOps mindset to its traditional processes.

  • [3:50] What does CGI Federal do?
  • [7:16] How did this project get started and how does VSM (Value Stream Mapping) fit into this equation?
  • [13:09] What's the experience like to be in a Value Stream Mapping meeting? Is it stressful? How insightful is this exercise?
  • [17:50] If I were to compare various VSMs across companies would they all have the same pain points? Are there any similarities?
  • [21:35] How do decide between "Good" and "Good Enough" – where do you draw the line?
  • [23:16] How frequent do you want to go through a VSM experience?
  • [24:35] How does a VSM conversation start? How does DevOps and Infrastructure as Code fit into this?
  • [32:50] What would you say to someone who was interested in VSM, but wanted to push it off until later?

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