Behind the Scenes: How FishAngler extended their mobile application using Azure Functions

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GitHub_LearnMoreFishAngler is a startup based in South Florida that has a cross-platform mobile app for fishermen to log and share their catches. The app seeks to increase the angler’s overall experience with the rollout of features that enable anglers to record, forecast, and increase their fishing skill level. The collection and segmentation of fishing data will pave the way for anglers to accurately target species like a pro.

Join Jerry Nixon and Joe Raio as they welcome Jonas Stawski, CTO of FishAngler, as they discuss how they replaced existing worker roles with Azure Functions to speed up development, reduce costs and simplify scalability while extended the apps existing functionality.

  • [5:50] What does FishAngler do?
  • [14:00] Talk to us a little bit about the project and what you guys teamed up to do?
  • [16:23] This seems like a lot of moving parts --- how sophisticated and complicated is this to run?
  • [18:10] How scalable is this solution? Is this fairly affordable?
  • [20:04]  Tell us a bit about how you're using DocumentDB with your data. How does this work?
  • [28:50] How do Azure Functions fit into all this?

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