Behind the Scenes: Microsoft and the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness

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GitHub_LearnMoreThe Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) works to prevent and end homelessness by transforming policy and programs to eliminate the root causes of homelessness in Connecticut.

CCEH recently partnered with Microsoft and its IT partner Nutmeg Consulting to develop “We Count”, a mobile cross-platform application for iOS, Android, and Windows devices that volunteers used to conduct the Point-in-Time Count, a major national one-night survey of homeless persons.

Join Jerry Nixon and Nick Landry as they welcome Brian Roccapriore from CCEH, Adam Yarnott from Nutmeg Consulting and Omar Kouatly from Microsoft’s Premier Services team as they discuss how they built this app using Xamarin.Forms with an ASP.NET Web API back end written in C# and hosted using Azure App Service.

  • [1:21] Tell us a little bit about the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness. What do you do?
  • [12:46]  What were guys trying to solve and how did CCEH and Microsoft team up to solve it?
  • [15:55] How did you implement this? What technologies did you use?
  • [21:48] How did you overcome the time constraint to get this project done so quickly?
  • [25:26] Can you customize a Xamarin.forms app?
  • [28:45]  Describe the back end supporting this app.
  • [30:27] What about data storage?
  • [40:14] Where can people go if they want to get involved in their local community outreach programs?

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