Behind the Scenes: Game Development and "The Great Whale Road"

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Sunburned Games is an independent studio, which develops its own line of PC games. Their vision is to create hand-crafted gaming experiences with historical authenticity and strong narratives.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Joachim Sammer, CEO & Co-Founder of Sunburned Games, as they discuss their first official release – “The Great Whale Road” – and share with us the inspiration for the game, how they developed its narrative, graphics, and soundtrack – as well as the reasoning behind their decision to use Unity, and much, much more!

  • [4:34] How did you get the idea for this game, "The Great Whale Road"?
  • [5:15]  How much work was involved getting this game to be historically accurate?
  • [7:09] Can you describe what this game is?
  • [12:46] This is such a beautifully designed game --- how did you decide on the creative direction for this game?
  • [14:08] The soundtrack for this so game is so awesome and intense --- who composed this?
  • [15:56] This game was written on Unity correct?
  • [18:00] How did you come up with the name "The Great Whale Road" --- what does it mean?
  • [18:54] What platform is the game currently on and why?
  • [20:00] How has user feedback been incorporated in the game?
  • [21:07] Now this game can also be found in the Windows Store. What was the decision process there?
  • [22:18] Usually the apps in the store are UWP apps --- but yours isn't. Why did you use the Desktop Bridge method?
  • [25:33] What's next for “The Great Whale Road” and Sunburned Games?

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