Behind the Scenes: How GoodbyeWorld Games used Azure to create an automated build pipeline

Play Behind the Scenes: How GoodbyeWorld Games used Azure to create an automated build pipeline



GoodbyeWorld Games is the Los Angeles-based studio behind “Close Your,” a first-person interactive short story. In the game, you live an entire life from birth to death and make decisions big and small that shape the outcome of that life. The catch is that each scene lasts only as long as you can keep your eyes open. The game uses your webcam to track your eyes in real life, so every time you blink, you skip forward: could be five seconds or five years. Life literally flashes before your eyes as you try desperately to hold onto each fleeting moment.

Join Jerry Nixon,  Jennelle Crothers and Tobia Zarlez as they discuss how they helped GoodbyeWorld Games create a new, automated build and release pipeline. What used to take five hours of work with a seven-day lead time now happens automatically in minutes through DevOps practices.

  • [1:00] Tell us a little bit about the background for this project. Who is GoodbyeWorld Games and what do they do?
  • [5:42]  What is a "Build Process" exactly?
  • [9:25] How does a conversation like this start without feelings get hurt or something like that?
  • [10:39] So how does an organization get started with Value stream Mapping?
  • [15:51] What's special about introducing a build process and DevOps mindset to game development?
  • [18:36]  How does Azure fit into this conversation?
  • [20:07] Does Unity have a service like this already? Why would I want to think about a customized process instead?
  • [25:14] How does Azure compare to Amazon AWS in this scenario? What are the pluses and minuses here?
  • [26:05] Can you list off a couple of more tools that I can use for this?
  • [27:16] About how much time does a process like this take to build?

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