Behind the Scenes: (Part 1) How to bring your existing apps and games to the Windows Store with the Desktop Bridge

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The Desktop Bridge enables developers to bring their existing apps and games to the Universal Windows Platform. Through the Windows Store, developers have access to an array of integrated Windows features they can leverage within their application.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Stefan Wick and Unni Ravindranathan to the show for Part 1 of a special 2 part series, in which they provide us with an in-depth Q&A session on what the Desktop Bridge is, what applications are supported as well as how you can get started leveraging this awesome service.

  • [3:19] What is the Desktop Bridge?
  • [4:40]  What kind of app is a good candidate for the Desktop Bridge? What app isn't?
  • [11:35] How about .NET, Visual C ++, Delphi, Unity or Silverlight applications? Are all these supported?
  • [14:08] How about specific application scenarios? Can you give us some examples of what's supported here?
  • [19:25] Let's talk about conversion for a second – how does this work with the Desktop Bridge? What happens to my code when it goes through the conversion process?
  • [26:45]  Let's talk about the file system now --- how does the Desktop Bridge deal with ".dll hell" ?
  • [30:10] Talk to us about the lifecycle of a desktop application using the Desktop Bridge

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