Behind the Scenes: How Individual Software used the Desktop Bridge to bring their apps to the Windows Store

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GitHub_LearnMoreIndividual Software is a leading publisher and developer of award-winning education, business, and personal productivity software and apps for consumers, schools, businesses, and government. Their applications have empowered millions of home, school, and office computer users to excel in their daily lives and has provided essential computer training and career development solutions to thousands of Fortune 500 corporations, colleges and universities, and career centers.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Derek Wade, Chief Software Engineer for Individual Software, to the show as they discuss how they used the Desktop Bridge to bring their apps to the Windows Store.

  • [2:15] Tell us a little bit about Individual Software. What do you do?
  • [4:30]  How did the Desktop Bridge change the story for Individual Software?
  • [5:56] From a strategic standpoint, why would a company distribute their application in multiple channels?
  • [9:52] What apps from your catalog have you put in the Windows Store?
  • [16:05] What was your experience like using the Desktop Bridge for your apps? What worked?
  • [32:25]  What's next for Individual Software?

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