Behind the Scenes: How ZPMC uses Azure IoT to launch evolution of port-machinery business

Play Behind the Scenes: How ZPMC uses Azure IoT to launch evolution of port-machinery business



Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) is a leading heavy-duty equipment manufacturer and has product lines which include cranes, ship loader/unloaders, automated container systems, and even offshore platforms. That equipment is a major source of real-time data, which needs to be retrieved, monitored, and analyzed. 

Join Jerry Nixon, as welcomes the team from ZPMC & Microsoft Sr. Technical Evangelist Warren Zhou in Shanghai, China, to the show as they discuss how Microsoft and ZPMC recently teamed up to implement an Azure IoT solution to help transform their business from traditional manufacturing to a comprehensive service provider and modernize their shipping operations. 

  • [2:20] Who is ZPMC and what do they do?
  • [3:20]  Can you describe the project that Microsoft and ZPMC worked together on?
  • [10:18] What was the business problem specifically that you were trying to solve?
  • [12:47] There has to be a lot of challenges for a project this large. What were some challenges?
  • [15:49] How did the customer connect with Microsoft?
  • [17:48]  Overall what was the final solution?
  • [20:02] How was the solution architected?
  • [23:03] Which technologies were leveraged to enable the solution?
  • [24:37] Were there any challenges along the way?
  • [26:57] What have they seen as a benefit to the business?
  • [28:21] Has it changed any business processes and how the team works together?
  • [30:19] Has it brought any new engagements?

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