Behind the Scenes: How Zion China uses IoT and Machine Learning to evolve its Intelligent Diabetes Management solution

Play Behind the Scenes: How Zion China uses IoT and Machine Learning to evolve its Intelligent Diabetes Management solution



Zion China Technology Co. Ltd. is a mobile Internet healthcare company based in Beijing that focuses on improving the health and well-being of its customers through innovative technology. It builds products that can improve the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases by helping them better manage their illnesses on a daily basis.

They recently developed a diabetes management mobile app designed to help patients live healthier lives by having on-the-go access to advice and information from health specialists. This E-Follow-up solution uses a device that continuously monitors users’ glucose levels to collect health data such as blood sugar, diet, exercise, and medication and ultimately provides personalized advice to help patients manage their health.

Join Jerry Nixon, as welcomes the CEO of Zion China, Vincent Yang, and Microsoft Technical Evangelists, Xi Wang and Shijun Liu to the show as they discuss how they implemented this amazing solution using Azure IoT and Machine Learning which allows them to transmit data faster, optimize analytics, store information securely, and adapt it to multiple devices.

  • [3:27] Tell us a bit about Zion China. What do you do?
  • [9:50]  How are patients benefiting from this?
  • [15:40] Do you have examples of some of the results of patients using this?
  • [20:28] Talk to us a little bit about the architecture for this solution?
  • [23:29] Did you encounter any challenges when trying to implement this?
  • [29:12]  What's next for Zion China?


Get the code and architecture from this project on GitHub, get hands on with IoT labs or start to build your own IoT solution on Azure.



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