Behind the Scenes: How Kongsberg used Azure IoT to optimize port operations

Play Behind the Scenes: How Kongsberg used Azure IoT to optimize port operations



Kongsberg Gruppen is an international technology group that delivers advanced and reliable solutions improving safety, security, and performance in complex operations and under extreme conditions.

Shipping ports are a perfect example of this as they are subject to natural and man-caused conditions that affect both the depth of berths and channel. As a result, the harbor bottom is continually changing and knowing the depth is essential for safe port entry, docking, environmental affects and operational efficiency.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Terje Nilsen from Kongsberg to the show, as they discuss how they tested out an Internet of Things (IoT) solution, which will ultimately provide their customers with up-to-date data to make better, safer management decisions about loading conditions prior to a vessel’s arrival at port as well as how much to load while berthed.

  • [1:12] Tell us a little bit about you and Kongsberg.
  • [2:50]  In your opinion, what do you think is the next industry to be affected by disruptive technology?
  • [5:22] Tell us about the industry you're working in and what project you worked on with Microsoft?
  • [7:42] What are some of the different technologies that make this work?
  • [11:31] How reliable is the behavior of the sea? Are there certain patterns that you can predict?
  • [15:18]  How do you get a signal under water? Does it have some sort of floating antennae?
  • [18:57] What do you say to organizations that are still afraid of cloud computing?
  • [21:52] Your device was running Linux originally. When you first went into this, did you expect the Microsoft cloud to support non-Microsoft technologies?
  • [24:30] What would you say to a developer who would like to implement what you created?
  • [28:01] Do you see this project being implemented in other projects you're working on?

Use the code and architecture from this project on GitHub, get hands on with IoT labs or start to build your own IoT solution on Azure.



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