Behind the Scenes: How Sensoria built a Smart, connected IoT golf grip with PGA Tour professional Bryson DeChambeau

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In the game of golf, many factors impact the ability to consistently drive or putt a golf ball to its exact intended destination. One of these factors is the pressure (or force) with which the golfer grips the golf club. There are multiple theories on what the right pressure on grip should be, but they are all subjective and hard to quantify. Until now.

Join Jerry Nixon and Blain Barton as they welcome Davide Mauri, Director of Software Development & Cloud Infrastructure at Sensoria as they share with us how they developed a new high-tech IoT solution involving a smart, connected golf grip. Tune in as they discuss how they developed this “Smart Grip” solution along with professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau, which detected Bryson’s hand-on-grip position and levels of pressure, monitored his golf strokes on different clubs as well as relayed real-time data to Microsoft Azure intelligent systems.

  • [14:37]  Tell us a little bit about Sensoria. What do you do?
  • [26:18] Tell us about the IoT project you worked on with PGA Tour professional, Bryson DeChambeau?
  • [34:31] Can you describe how you created the special golf grip for the club and how you were able to collect data from it?
  • [39:20] What's next for Sensoria?

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